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System on Different Constraints

An Efficient and Versatile Scheduling AlgorithmBased On SDC Formulation

介绍了一种可以把一组调度限制转化成 SDC(System of Different Constraint)的调度器。

已经存在的调度算法分为两类:data-flow based(DF-based)/control-flow based(CF-based)。

  • DF-based 调度算法侧重于 data-flow intensive 的应用优化(数字信号处理,深度学习)
    • 优化目标:时间限制和资源限制
    • Force-directed scheduling.
    • List scheduling.
  • CF-based 调度算法侧重于 control-flow intensive 的应用优化(控制器,网络协议处理器)
    • Path-based scheduling.
    • Loop-directed scheduling.
    • Wavesched.
    • SPARK


调度算法应用在 CDFG (control data flow graph)上: cdfg.png

Author: Zihao Ye

Email: expye@outlook.com


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