ISCA 2021 Overview

Table of Contents

TODO Ten Lessons From Three Generations Shaped Google’ s TPUv4i Industrial Product

TODO Dual-side Sparse Tensor Core


This paper proposes how to do minimal changes

TODO PolyGraph : Exposing the Value of Flexibility for Graph Processing Accelerators


This paper proposes a template for Graph Processing accelerators.

TODO Taming the Zoo: The Unified GraphIt Compiler Framework for Novel Architectures

DONE SpZip: Architectural Support for Effective Data Compression In Irregular Applications


Irregular applications are famous for low compute intensity and huge memory throughput, this paper proposes to support data compression/decompression at hardware level to reduce memory throughput for workloads such as BFS/PageRank.

Author: expye(Zihao Ye)


Date: 2021-07-08 Thu 00:00

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