Paper Rebuttal Tips

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How we write rebuttals (AI conferences)

Common reviewer concerns

TQ's summerization:

Usually concerns belong to the following categories:

Misunderstanding: reviewer misunderstood or miss details in the paper. in this case we point to the lines in the paper and clarify

Missing details: reviewer misunderstood due to missing details. this case we explain and state that we will add clarification to future revisions, shorter clarification is desirable

Controversial pt on novelty and statement(e.g. the effort of introducing new modules), add clarification pts.

minor comment: just state we will address them

Lesson learned from ASPLOS 2022 submission

Refering back to existing content helps(which implies the content are already there, just reviewers overlooked them) Include concrete numbers(in this case the comparison time table of runtime) helps, to makes the reviewer believe the cost of change is minor(as result are already shown)

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